As you walk down the Main Street, Victoria Parade, in Suva you will see many friendly, smiling faces. “Bula!” you hear them say as you walk by. Family business’s line side by side with popular Fijian brands, such as Jack’s clothing store. The pavements are taken up by friendly people wanting to shine your shoes, or point you in the right direction. The smell of freshly baked bread from Bread Kitchen lazes in the air. The sun is out, but you are not going to the beach. You are about to discover a different side of Fiji, one that is often not experienced by visitors who stick to the beaches and resorts.

If you like to shop you have come to the right place. There are two large shopping centres: Tapoo City, a modern development boasting four floor’s worth of browsing material, including a food court and a bar. The other, MHCC, located across the road, offers a centre with three floors. It is is a little less international and has more of a Fijian feel to it.

If you are, however, looking to step away from modern franchises and experience the true Fijian shopping culture, then the Municipal markets are for you. Located near the capital’s bus station, there is a flea market, selling all kinds of locally sourced and fashioned materials. There are clothes and trinkets available that would make great gifts for those back home. Perhaps you will buy a sulu, or a traditional Fijian woven fan?  Across the road, there is also a food market offering a wide variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables, offering a colourful culinary paradise.

Or perhaps you will stop by at one of Suva’s many coffee shops for an iced latte or fruity smoothie, in need of a break from the crowds and the sun’s strength. If the weather isn’t in your favour then go to the Village 6 Cinema, located next to Tappoo. A large development, Village 6 shows all the latest releases from Hollywood and Bollywood for a very reasonable price.

If the weather is in your favour, however, as it most usually is, you can relax in Ratu Sukana Park. This small sea front park, located just off the Main Street in Suva, always has people basking in the sun and taking in the beautiful view of the harbour and the surrounding mountains. Go on, join them.

Although excitingly busy, Suva still runs on ‘Fiji Time’; everyone possesses the happy and relaxed manner that emulates Fijian residents.



Facts: the city’s last estimated population figure was 88,691

Size: 790.5 sq miles

Vegetation: Suva is a port and does not have a beach. Although hugely urbanised with busy roads and shops, there are many parks and gardens to relax and take a break in. There is also a rainforest close by.


Getting there

From Nadi: a three and a half hour coach journey. Sunbeam Transport and Fiji Express Buses offer the most reliable service and depart every couple of hours.

By ferry: there are regular services to and from Vanua Levu and Taveuni

By flight: Suva does not have an airport but Nausori International Airport is only 23km away and Nadi a 4 hour bus ride away.



Highland’s Health Bar – vegetarian joint, offering fruity smoothies and healthy wraps and salads. Hidden away down the Parade Arcade (we have more info if needed)

Tiko’s Floating Restaurant – A retired blue lagoon cruise boat is now the home of a floating restaurant which serves the freshest and most diverse fish courses in Suva. The vessel offers live band nights as well as seafood specials and a large wine list that promises to excite the taste buds. It is truly a unique dining experience that has to be experienced for all Suva newby’s.

Ashiyana Restaurant –  Located in the old town hall building, next to Suva library sits this tiny indian restaurant which serves authentic and colourful southern dishes for an affordable price.



Accommodation in Suva

Holiday Inn – in the heart of the city, offering a lively poolside bar.

Colonial Lodge – a newly renovated bungalow, tucked away in a cul-de-sac in the heart of the city

South Seas Private Hotel – old fashioned, traditional hotel offering relatively basic but clean rooms


Accommodation around Suva

Uprising Bay – located an hour’s bus ride away in Pacific Harbour is a beautiful tranquil resort offering kayaking, snorkelling and a crystal clear pool.


Nanuka Island Resort and Spa – located in Pacific Harbour and surrounded by extensive sandy white beaches, Nanuka Island Resort and Spa is the perfect place to stay should you need a little time away from daily life. Experience cliff top suites, private butlers and nannies for an all round experience.


See & Do

Scuba Diving Club – If you are a regular diver, an expert or a beginner, Suva’s scuba diving club offers day trips, excursions and weekends away along the mesmerising coral coast. Go on, jump in.

The Flea Market – a variety of colourful original Fijian clothes and trinkets await you.

USP Gym – The university of the South Pacific is a short walk from Suva’s city centre, and offers a wide range of fitness equipment available to use at a low cost, without a nasty contract.

Colo-I-Suva Forest Park – Experience a sub-tropical rainforest that offers hiking trails, bird watching and swimming, all leading to a series of ethereal waterfalls.

Tapoo City – a modern shopping centre with four floors offering a variety of different shops and a large food court on the top floor.

White water rafting – indulge your adventurous side and experience Fiji’s waterfalls and rainforest. Pick up from Pacific harbour (an hour’s bus ride away).
Village 6 Cinema – located on Scott St in the heart of the city is Village 6 Cinema, showing all the latest Western and Bollywood releases. Go on a Tuesday for discounted ticket prices