Extract from Brothers

In an attempt to stop him kicking a dog, eighteen year old ISAAC, pushes his father, HEATH away from it. HEATH falls back and cracks his head on the garden wall. ISAAC carries HEATH’s lifeless body inside, and in a panic, decides to go to his older brother, JOE, for help…

When Isaac was younger, Heath used to drive him and his older brother, Joe, all over London. Joe’s nose used to be pressed up against the window as Heath drove them through places like Chelsea, Kensington and Notting Hill. Joe was fascinated by the grand houses with the marble pillars and the three cars parked in the driveway. Isaac remembered when Joe looked at him across the back seat of the car and told him that one day he’d live in one of those grand houses. Isaac asked if he could live there too and Joe told him that Isaac needed a house of his own, but maybe they could be neighbours.

Isaac wasn’t bothered about the big houses and the flashy cars like Joe was, instead Isaac used to watch his Dad in the front seat. Heath knew London inside out and often knew the shortcuts that beat all the traffic and tolls. As Joe looked out the window, Isaac watched Heath weave in and out of the traffic. He always kept his left hand on the wheel and his right hand dangling out of the window.

Isaac let Heath’s body slump onto the kitchen floor.

Blood quickly began to pool at the back of his head. Isaac went through to the living room to get a cushion.

He put the cushion under Heath’s head. It was navy blue so the blood didn’t show, Isaac was glad about that.

He looked into Heath’s static eyes.

‘You’re not feeling too good, are you, Dad?’ he said quietly. ‘I’m gonna go and get Joe. Joe’ll know how to help.’