Vita Realm Advertisement

Problems with ad –

  • vitamin c.jpgToo busy
  • Audience won’t know which part to focus on
  • Selling point unclear
  • No standout, memorable image
  • Stock photos of people are tacky
  • Brand name has no presence
  • Too much text
  • Price misleading

How I would rewrite ad –

  • orange-pilesStrong simple image of pile of oranges in back ground.  An image of a tube of VitaRealm Vitamin C in the foreground.
  • Text in middle of oranges -biggest text – WE MADE GETTING YOUR VITAMIN C A LOT EASIER.
  • Slighter smaller text underneath – 1 TUBE OF VITAREALM VITAMIN C = 285 ORANGES
  • Smallest text – Available in health stores near you.